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A message from James Phillips the Owner of Dallas GA Computer Techs

Most of my customers are not technically trained, when I am explaining what is going on with their computer systems, I try to be like the doctor with a really good “bed side manor”. I want you to feel comfortable with me and my recommendations. I try to recommend the best solutions for my customer. That means taking the time to really talk and listen to them, which allows me to get a good a feel for their needs and expectations. That’s the way I want to be treated when I take my vehicle to the mechanic and I believe my customers want that too. I will always be honest and will never recommend a fix that does not make financial sense. I want your Computer Repairs and Services to be frustration free.

Industries Served

Our computer consulting firm provides specialized support for a wide range of industries.

Our computer repair services cater to healthcare facilities, ensuring that critical systems are running smoothly to provide uninterrupted patient care.

We support educational institutions with reliable computer network services and custom computer builds to enhance the learning experience for students and teachers.

For financial firms, we offer specialized computer hardware and software upgrades to maintain data security and optimize operational efficiency.

Retailers benefit from our tailored solutions for POS systems and inventory management, ensuring seamless operations and customer satisfaction.

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James Phillips has over 18 years experience, he started in a Corporate IT sector. When going on his own he decided to focus on helping small business with their Computer Repair, Upgrades and Security. He believes Small Business and Residential customers can make good use of the services and tools just as much as the corporations.